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Nordic School or Skandinavskaja School was opened on 18 August 2000. In the first year of our work, several language groups ​​were opened and linguistic internships in Finland for course participants were organized. The school became an active participant and partner of the public organization "Northern Capital" in organizing educational exhibitions in St. Petersburg.

We have established contacts with dozens of colleges in Finland and Sweden, thanks to which the «Recreation + Education» program for students during the holidays was developed and implemented. Several years later, our warm business relations with educational organizations in Spain made it possible to organize a new international program "From Northern Europe to Southern Europe." Then, again, a few years later, international programs started in England and Malta.

At present, Nordic School has a solid educational and methodological base, library, qualified and creative teachers, extensive contacts with education centers in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Spain, England, and Malta. There are several dozen language groups in Moscow and St. Petersburg. More than a hundred school children annually go to Finland for linguistic internships with our help. More than a thousand pupils go on holidays thanks to our foreign programs, and hundreds of our students enter universities in Finland and Sweden.

NORDIC SCHOOL has been assisting in obtaining higher education in Finland for citizens of the Russian Federation since 2003. That is why it is a recognized expert in preparing future applicants for admission to Finnish universities.

Our students receive quality preparation for passing language exams as well as preparation for entrance exams to Finnish universities. In addition, we offer our clients to get to know their future universities personally and organize trips to universities, where prospective students have the opportunity to get acquainted with campuses, educational buildings, communicate with teachers and students.

Every October and March, Skandinavskaja School in St. Petersburg organizes entrance exams for Finnish undergraduate programs for applicants from all over Russia and beyond. At this time, a commission of Finnish teachers called «FINNIPS» comes to our school, which conducts exams for applicants and assesses their knowledge in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and, of course, English. Students of our preparatory courses always feel confident during and after the exams, as they have undergone intensive and targeted training during the previous 3-4 months.

Over the past years, Skandinavskaja School has gained vast experience in correspondence and negotiations with universities on the admission of Russian applicants. It helps at all stages of admission, including filling out all application forms and preparing a package of documents for obtaining a student visa. Of course, the applicant himself can fill out all the necessary application forms. But, in this case, he needs to take full responsibility for the correct execution of the necessary package of documents. The school has already sent more than a dozen students to study in Finland.

 cooperates on an official basis with such educational organizations as Haaga-Helia UAS, Aalto University, HAMK UAS, JAMK UAS, LAB UAS, LUT University, Karelia UAS. It organizes joint events with TAMK UAS, XAMK UAS, VAMK UAS, KAMK UAS, SeAMK UAS, Riveria College, Kitee and Tohmajärvi Gymnasiums and KETI. Nordic School recommends the Consulate General of Finland in St. Petersburg, the Embassy of Finland in Moscow, and the Finnish Institute in St. Petersburg.   


Nordic School defends the interests of applicants in all possible ways, including through major media such as YLE Uutiset: 



194044, Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg, Komissara Smirnova Street, 15, office 301

Our office is located very close to Finland railway station (10 minutes by walk or 5 minutes by taxi). It means that for our guests it is very comfortable to come to make some meeting or presentation.

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Phone: + 7 (999) 069 06 37
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